Windsor Mill, MD? Anyone familiar with this area?

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I'm looking at a property in Windsor Mills, Maryland and it's farther north than I usually look for properties. I've looked up statistics and data but am just curious what people from that area think. Especially from landlords in that area because I'm considering a rental property there. I'm sure there are bad areas there just like everywhere else but I'm just hoping to get some perspective. The area I'm considering seems pretty rural, especially for Baltimore County.

Ill be looking at the area tomorrow so any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks BP.

Hi Matthew--

Windsor Mill is in a strange area of Baltimore.  There are some no-so-great sections but also some very nice, suburban areas as well.  From what I've seen, rents are pretty strong in that ZIP code.  One thing the general locale (Northwest Balt City/Southwest Balt County) isn't experiencing is very high appreciation.  So you're probably in a long-term hold situation and hopefully decent cash-flow.

Hope it helps!