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How long would a straight forward eviction for failure to leave at the end of a nine month lease take in MA?  I am trying to decide whether it's worth it to do a winter rental of a summer vacation property.  Summer rent could be as much as $30K over ten weeks.  Winter rent as little as 15K over 9 months, but tenant would also cover the utilities, plus I feel that it's better to have the property occupied in the winter.  I was thinking that I would have the lease be over at the end of April, so that I could have enough time to evict, if for some reason anyone ever failed to vacate the property.  But if eviction were to take more than 6 weeks, that would cut into the summer rental period, and I'd lose a lot.  I read MA LL guide to eviction, but it's not helpful in giving me an idea of how long it would take.

I've not gone through this personally, but I've consistently heard that a "professional tenant" can easily tie you up for 9 months.  That's one of the big drawbacks to buy & holds in Mass, and why I'll be focusing more on fix & flips when I start to move into the investing field.

Here is a good link that outlines the eviction process in MA. It's not all gloom and doom like a lot of people want you to think. Know the laws, follow the process, and be prepared in court. More times than not the tenant knows he lost and will not even put up a fight. 


Rob Beland , thanks for posting that link. Karen F. , I just had a complaint filed yesterday at a unit that I am thinking of doing exactly what you are questioning. I'll try to keep you posted.

We lucked out.  We almost rented to what had seemed to be a nice group of young scientists, but who then started to pull "professional tenant" crap, and then backed out of the deal two days before they were supposed to move in.  Contacted the other applicants, one group didn't have a place yet, rented it to them and gave the others back their deposit.  These guys are perfectly fine tenants.  They are local - so they know that their reputation in a small town means something.  They don't bother us at all, and they don't mind if we come and check the property over when we are in town.  Best of all, they have a track record of moving out when their previous winter rental was over.  Assuming they don't grow up and get married and get their own places, I hope to rent to them in the winter for many years to come.

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