North Shore hardwood refinishing contractor needed

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a hardwood floor refinisher? We have a project in Haverhill that may need a complete replacement but we want to try and save the floors. Can anyone recommend a good flooring contractor? Floors have pet stains and will need some pieces replaced. 

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey Erica, 

Were doing the hardwood floors in our place in Bradford now. Were still getting quotes from different contractors but we have used J.Ho Hardwood flooring for our rentals in the past and we were happy with them. Their phone number is 781-874-1568 or cell for James is 617-429-3692.

Thanks! I just called him and will meet him Thursday! Please still send recommendations if anyone has them!

@Rob L.

Hi Rob, I met James from J. Ho today and he sees pretty reasonable. You mentioned you are getting other quotes, have you found any others you like better than J. Ho?

hey @Erica Nagle , glad to hear you got in touch with them.  We've had a couple other quotes but I've never used any of them before. Were probably going to go with James since he was right in line with everyone else and we know his work. 

If you want the contact info for the other quotes just let me know, I need just need to grab it from my wife. 

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