Advice on the town of Rutland?

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Hello everyone,

My husband and I have an opportunity to buy a multi-family in Rutland.  The numbers work well, however, we have heard mixed things about this town/area,  Anyone have any insight? Thank you in advance!!!

Patrick- I am not sure about that.  I am trying to get a feel for the rental market.

Steve- The numbers do work pretty well but I've been told mixed things.  I was just told it isn't a great town and nothing going on out there and someone else told me it was a great town and desirable.  We do live in Lynnfield, so being on the Northshore, I am trying to do all of my homework.  Do you know this town well and do you feel it would be an attractive place to rent.  And yes, we do have a property management company in place.  We also own a three family up in Salem, Ma that we use the management for as well.

Thank you for you input

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