If I started a new brokerage firm...

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I am considering obtaining my broker's license and starting my own firm. I wanted to get some input from experienced agents, especially on the North Shore. 

If I started a brand new firm, what would I need to do to create enough interest to make the opportunity interesting to experienced agents? I'm just curious what you're looking for. Splits, advertising, etc? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hi Brent, I did this and am happy to chat more. I worked as an agent and an investor for a long time and felt there was a lot to gain and to offer others by launching my own brokerage so it made sense. New brokerage has been up and running for 4 months, have 3 agents with me so far and am actively but selectively recruiting more - it's more important that they're a good fit than just increasing numbers. Be prepared for lots of time put into starting up, branding etc, and ongoing admin work (some can be delegated to an assistant once you reach a certain point). But there's a lot that a small, flexible independent office can offer agents that the franchises can't. Good luck!

If you want experienced agents......you will likely need to pay them to join a no name start up.  I frequently receive offers up to $50k to join brokerages.