Seeking Tour of Holyoke

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Hello, I'd love a tour of Holyoke from someone who knows the downtown and its neighborhoods well ... Payment: I'll take you out to lunch and we can talk about real estate (fun!) . Or, a barter? perhaps a second set of eyes on a potential project assessment / assumptions? 

@Danielle McKahn I asked a few folks I know and will let you know if they get back to me.  That is a VERY tough area for an investor.  I saw a large building with my biz partner and we saw so many violations it was mind numbing.  

Ever see a shower head in a closet?  We did.

Good luck!

Hi @Danielle McKahn , and others who contributed: I am visiting Holyoke on Wednesday to tour some properties and meetings my partner has set up for us. I was wondering if anyone is interested in meeting and discussing their experiences! Of course meals on me, and I would be happy to involve you as an investor if you end up being interested. 

Also, would be great to get your thoughts on this town at this point. 

I did two tours of the city, there's only one major downtown area but soliciting some help from local Property Managers would be able to help you to learn the streets and the general areas of where to invest in. The prices are SOOOO attractive right? Budget 10% of PM and some CapEx budget as they are old. That's not meant to dissuade you, this is a long term play - buy and hold!