HVAC vs Radiator and AC Window Units

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This one is for those who fix and flip homes in Massachusetts or states that closely resemble MA in terms of temperature/climate.

When fixing a property that has radiator heating and AC window units, do you guys always budget for a brad new HVAC system to be put in place? Thanks! :)

Generally, yes. It would seem pretty half *** if you renovate the whole building and skip the HVAC. You also have to build to the market. Do most other newly renovated homes in the area have newer HVAC? If not, maybe you skip it, or maybe you do it to stand out from the others.

Depending on the market/pricing we will do high velocity for higher end homes (over $1.5 M), traditional HVAC systems for medium priced builds and split systems if it makes more sense economically for the build out.  Depending on how big the house/condo is, split systems can be a good route as it allows for you to skip the duct work.

Thank you so much for that Ryan Wittig. I think that for the sake of getting an idea of a safe repair estimate, I’ll assume that every SFH that has window units and radiator heating will need a brand new HVAC. Just to be on the safe side.

As Ryan said, it totally depends on comps. If a SFH has forced air, adding AC is relatively "easy." If you've got steam, things can get complicated, however you might be able to clean up your living area by removing the radiators and adding forced air.

High velocity is a nice option if you have a finished basement or finished attic / 3rd floor.

Finally, the mini-splits can be great to supplement heating and add cooling. We installed a 4 head hyper heat system and have been very happy with it.

If you venture into the rental market or lower end, you could also consider through wall air conditioners. They give you the sense of central AC without the big install.