Fix & Flip/Invest/Wholesale in Bristol county

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Hello Massachusetts BP members. I wanted to ask you guys what your thoughts are on Bristol county. Primarily New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fall River, and Taunton.

I'm looking to rehab a few properties and wholesale anything I come across if I'm inundated with flips. But wanted to know if Bristol county is a good starting point in MA. I've been trying to stay away from the greater Boston area because the competition is fierce and I believe it will be harder to find deals there. What do you guys think? Is there an active buyer presence in Bristol? 

Originally posted by @Nick Mulligan :

Bristol County is a good area to look at, I'm looking there for my first purchase  (house hack). I can't help you or say much in the wholesaling or flipping side though.

 Thanks for that Nick. Yeah just trying to see if there's some good activity and demand in that area.

@Marcus Brown   The four towns you've mentioned are where some of the lowest proces in eastern Mass are found.  In addition, look in Attleboro.

Acquisition prices are lower, and so are the rents - but I frequently see MFRs that meet the 1% and even 2% rule.

Check the crime heat maps on Trulia to get a feel for the neighborhoods.

BTW, New Bedford has done a really nice job cleaning up the waterfront.  I'd pay special attention to that area.

Don't ignore Plymouth County either.  There are still deals to be had in Plymouth, Middleboro, Rockland, Brockton and Wareham.

Brockton is rough ( just look on Trulia) and Middleboro is in the middle of nowhere with not much around it, but it is close to Bridgewater State University and relatively close to Providence

@Michael Pursell   Central and east Brockton are rough for sure.  I certainly wouldn't live there!

However, west Brockton is far nicer.  It's almost like there's a magic force field that's about 8-ish blocks west of RT 28.  The further west you go from RT 28, the nicer it gets.

On one side, of the line the homes are all run down.  Rotting trim, overgrown yards, etc.  If I blindfolded you and dropped you on the other side and told you that you were in Hanover, you'd be impressed with how nice Hanover looks.

I'm told that the Mayor has an official plan to march that demarcation line further to the east.  There are supposedly low cost loans and grants for home improvements.