Looking for Real Estate Agent in Malden MA

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Hi Carson, 

Welcome to the site! 

@Taylor Johnson helped me find my place just over a year ago in Malden. I purchased a duplex here and am currently house hacking and so far it's worked out great. 

As I'm sure you know the market is really competitive right now but that did not deter Taylor at all- he helped me through many different offers over a 6 month period until I finally got my place. Taylor has lots of investment experience and was able to give me really good advice and never pressured me to make any offers we didn't want to or didn't feel were right. 

Here's his website: https://www.evboston.com/realestate/agent/taylor-j...

I definitely recommend him as an agent! 

Hi there! I am an a local agent who works specifically with investors advising them in buy and hold and flip properties. Let me know what questions you have and how I can help you achieve you goals!