Michigan- Kalamazoo, Battle Creek

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Hey there- I am an investor living near Seattle, WA and looking to purchase some multi unit properties in Kalamazoo, MI and/or Battle Creek, MI. It looks like the cash flow there has lots of potential, better than most places in WA state including Aberdeen and the flat market areas. Anyway, anyone invest in these areas of Michigan? I'd love to glean some tips from you on what has worked.



Hi @Ryan Kuja

You're right, there are a lot of opportunities.  However, you want to work with someone in the area who really knows it, not just someone who's going to send you 'THE BEST DEAL IN THE WORLD EVER OMG' every couple of months.  That's how you get stuck with a dud.

Like most cities, there are good and bad areas to live/invest in near Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.  I love the areas, in addition to Grand Rapids, but I live here and know them well.  I'd be happy to provide tips about what seems to work well for me.

I'll send a private message your way, and anyone who is following along in the thread can message me for similar info as well. (:

Thanks for reaching out Brandon! I got your message and sent you a reply. I look forward to connecting more!

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