RE Lawyer Recommendation Port Huron, Michigan

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Hi All:

I know this is a long shot but could anyone give me a recommendation for a real estate lawyer in the Saint Clair County area (or someone in Michigan who is comfortable working with me digitally/remotely if not close by)? Fingers crossed that someone out there has a good lead for me!



I use John Coury... In with Touma, Watson etc. His office is right by the city and county buildings down town PH. That group of lawyers are pretty good with Real Estate issues. John also works with my client in NYC so he is alright working with people long distances or over the phone etc.

Hi @Dante Pirouz nice to see someone else in the Fort Gratiot area, quick question did you hire John Coury and if so did he do a good job? if not who did you use? 
I currently have an issue with a tenant and need to hire a good lawyer myself any help you could give me would be appreciated.

thank you Philip