Investors in the Flint, MI area

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Hi Kristin!  Not currently, right now I am focusing in oakland county but I live in Grand Blanc so I was trying to see how much investor activity there is in Genessee county. I think it would be a bit easier if I was doing things around where I live instead of driving down to royal oak and those areas!  So I'm just trying to figure out if there are enough buyers in genessee county to make it work!

No I went to Flushing! Moved to Grand Blanc after I got out of the Army. And will do! I figured I wouldn't have too much of a hard time finding buyers if I got a good deal, just doing as much research on it before investing in the area!

@Justin Rivord I'm a cash buyer also looking for deals to flip anywhere within 30 minutes of Flint. I like parts of Flint Twp and some neighborhoods in Flint but mostly suburbs. ARV must be above 70K with average DOM for rehabbed homes under 60. Also nothing on MLS please. I'll look at "funny" deals - commercial and things outside of the box. As long as there's potential for a marketable end product and legitimate money to be made.