Are there any foreclosure auctions in the Detroit area?

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Are there any foreclosure auctions in the Detroit area?

Yes, there are plenty you just need to know where to look and the proper real-estate agent. If you are looking for fix and flips or buy and hold. I would make a number you dont mine paying for the purchase and rehab. In some areas you can buy extremely low and out 40k in rehab cost. I always recommend doing your research and if you are out of state contact a local person because our market is different than others.

Originally posted by @Anthony Smith :

@Keyonte Summers 40k rehab wow shoot me a message your paying way too much 

 Oh no I never pay that much for a Detroit Rehab but I have seen some foreclosures that need that amount of work. 

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@Anthony Smith , @Keyonte Summers , I'm seeing that some properties are total gut jobs nowadays, with prices rising, might not be out of the question. What would be your estimation rehabbing a TOTAL gut job, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1800sq ft home in the Detroit area?

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