Anyone know any builders in Macomb and Oakland county?

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Hi everyone,

Is there anyone in the Oakland and Macomb county area that know any builders? I have a vacant lot under contract and have comps for new builds at $280K and $305K. The only issue is that I mostly deal with SFR and multi - family investors. If you can find a buyer we can split the assignment fee.

Updated over 3 years ago

I'm not trying to build on this property. I'm trying to wholesale the lot to a builder.

Emilio just look up Michigan builders on Google and cold call them about your land. No need to split commission. 

Most builders need the land to be around 1/5 of the house value or ideally less.  Does your land fit the bill? 

Thanks @Dany Namou . I've been googling Michigan builders and sending out emails and calls, but sometimes it's easier if someone knows a builder as direct contact. If they can help me wholesale, then they make money, I make money and the builder makes money. Win x 3. I have too much going on right now and would gladly split and do good business than tackle everything right now.

Lowest comp of a new build is $280K. I also have one that sold at $305K. $280K x 20% = $56,000.00. Pretty close. Make an offer.