New investor seeking financing options

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Hi folks, my wife and I are beginning our journey into real estate investing but after some discussions with some investors we've found that we should be focusing more on securing financing than finding good deals. Which has led us here. We are looking for financing options other than the traditional sources. Given the area of the market we are looking to invest in, we are unsure traditional lenders would be a viable option. We will be exploring traditional lending options over the next few days but wanted to see if there were any private or hard money lenders here that would be interested in working with us and if so, sharing their loan requirements. Thanks.


Right now finding good deals is harder than finding money.  That said, don't ignore the finance side.  It isn't hard to search for both at the same time.

Money can come from many sources.  Don't just look at banks, but don't ignore banks.  Banks often offer the cheapest money you can find.

Good luck

Thank you Greg. I will definitely keep that in mind. I think we will try to find a nice local bank and see what we can do. 

Thank you Grant for those suggestions. Really appreciate it!