HRA Voucher / Section 9

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Hello MN BP Community.

I have two questions I hope you could help me with:

- Is Section 8 and HRA Voucher the same program?

-How was your experience with HRA/Section 8 tenants, if any?

Thank you

In my experience, the policies, procedures, and processes of how sec8 is utilized and administered is managed by the specific municipality, and the case workers assigned to a specific case.  Some areas its great, some areas it totally sucks - and within a specific office, some case workers are great, some are misery. 

Best to find somebody local who can tell you exactly what it's like dealing with the local sec8 office and sec8 tenant pool.  

I have rented to section 8 tenants and wouldn't again unless I had to.  Many reasons but it is more work dealing with their inspections, I would rather rent to people who can afford to pay rent, and if they are not on-top of their paperwork you could be out a month of rent.  From my experience each turnover required more work, they didn't care much about their deposit because it likely was paid by another governmental agency, and I would guess every apt had at least one hole in the wall to fix.  And unpaid utilities was pretty common at move out...  

If you are not getting better tenants  you may have to take Section 8 but you will find most of us on here avoid it.