Newly Active Member in St Paul, MN

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Hello BP Community, I've been a member of BP for a year or so, but haven't formally introduced myself yet. So, here it goes.

I'm Eric Gunderson, a licensed real estate salesperson, investor, fix/flipper, buy/holder in St Paul, MN. I currently own 14 units (7-unit, 4-unit, duplex, single family home) and co-own another 4-unit with a business partner. 

Bigger Pockets gave me the knowledge to step out into real estate investing, and I have never had a question that didn't have a BP article or forum answer. What a great resource. I hope to add what I can to it. 


Eric Gunderson

Hey @Eric Gunderson ,

Welcome to the forums! It's great you know where are you in your REI journey and where you're headed next, this is definitely a great place to help newer investors iron out their objectives and also glean form other member's experiences.


Welcome Eric.  Sounds like you have a lot of experience under your belt, the community would benefit if you become more active.  You will also find people on here to network with to help grow your business so becoming active would be a win-win!

@John Woodrich I've been active in real estate for about 5 years now. I used to work for Paster Properties ( a local commercial real estate company focused on shopping center properties, now pivoting to some urban mixed use and development) and then dove in and purchased my first 4-plex in April of 2016. It's been an experience ever since with lots of highs and a some lows too. I'm always looking to better educate and prepare myself for the real estate road ahead. See you around, John. 

Welcome to the forums Eric! I've got a couple of place in Duluth but am looking to get my first few units here in the Twin Cities soon. Happy to hear about your experience!