window replacement recommendations for twin cities

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Unfortunately not, but I will share who not to go with: Principles Building & Remodeling. 

Been trying to get a three-pane slider installed for more than 6 months. They didn't pull a permit, the workmanship is terrible, and it's still not done. Complete lack of professionalism. 

Wow, sorry to hear that.  I have a company I use in Wisconsin, but this is for a friend in Hastings and my company won't go into Minneapolis / St. Paul / Twin Cities area. I'll make sure to tell him to steer clear of that company.

Hi Nathan,
We use Klasic Property Services for all remodels since they can do anywhere from small projects to building houses from the ground up. If you reach out to them, ask for Allyson. Let me know if I can help further.
All the best!

I had good luck with the Window Replacement Co. Talk with the owner, Pete Hill.

They replaced all of the windows in my Apple Valley town home last June -- I'm very happy with the speed of the install and the professionalism of the crew (vacuumed up the areas after the job was completed).

@Nathan Letourneau if its just replacement pocket windows any decent handyman can handle this and probably  save a lot of money. Shouldnt take longer than 45 min to remove and install if the old frame is in good shape. 

I got a great deal for my four plex from 'A Pane in the Glass'.  The owner is a landlord as well.  He gets the cost issue.  One of my tenants kids broke a window, and they replaced it at zero cost to me.