Recommendations for CPA, Attorneys, and Contractors in Duluth?!

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Hello BP!

I am a new investor with one fourplex so far (and looking to grow!) in Duluth looking for recommendations on CPAs, RE attorneys, and Contractors in the area. Any input is appreciated!

Thank you!

- Sam Torvinen

@Sam Torvinen if you're not against working remotely with a real-estate-savvy CPA, there are a few of us here on BP. Search around the forums a bit to find the active tax pros on the site, reach out to a few, and see who's the best fit for you.

Good luck!

Hi @Sam Torvinen

I would highly recommend James Hacking and Associates for tax work.  Jim is the CPA I use for my business and I have a number of friends, clients and family who also use his office. 

For real estate attorneys, Bill Burns is the best in town.  He is not cheap, but he is as smart as they come and he has a number of partners who also do great work - all at Hanft Fride.  I was a transactional and probate paralegal before I got into real estate and the attorneys and staff at Hanft are top notch.

As far as contractors, what work specifically are you wanting to have done.  I have a long list of local pros that I could share, but it is usually easier if I know the scope of the project.

P.S. I would love to hear more about the 4plex and how that process is going for you!

Hey Sam, I'm currently looking for contractors in Duluth so if you've come across any I'd love to hear about them! 

For CPA, I work with @John Woodrich, who is an absolute rockstar. He's not in Duluth but works with me and a few other investors I know who do have properties in Duluth.