Best local banks/lenders in Minneapolis St Paul Area

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some new financing on my rentals, ideally a local bank/credit union that understands investing. Who would you recommend?  If I end up using them I'll send you a caribou card or something to say thanks!! 

I'm really under leveraged currently and have a solid 10-year track record but do have a CD balloon coming up in a few months. Ideally, I'd like to work with a local bank/credit union that understands investing.  In the past, I've dealt with people who mostly deal in car loans etc and don't understand what I'm doing.  Dream loan would be a line of credit across multiple properties with individual loan releases. (so I wouldn't have to refi every time I get antsy and sell a rental) 

SF rentals, I'd be happy to! Thanks for the message too,  I thought he did more traditional lending thats sold off in the secondary market.  That wouldnt be Ideal for me as I hold all my props in LLCs and they usually want them personally titled.