Snow Removal Advice Needed in St. Paul, MN

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I'm looking for a snow removal company for my duplex in St. Paul, MN. I live out of state.

This is my first time needing to hire this out, so please forgive my naive questions. How do you go about finding a company? (Craigslist? Angie's List? Google? Is there an app I should know about?) And how much should I expect to pay?

Of course, if you have any specific companies to recommend (or warn me away from), let me know!



I would just do a Google search for "snow removal St paul mn" and you will have 20 companies you can call. Be careful using Craigslist or going with a small provider. You want a professional company that has been in business for years with a multiple person crew. Small operators are notorious for not showing up. Also avoid prepaid contracts or flat rate. Pay per job as the work is done. Make sure you include ice melt as part of their service.

Thanks Joe! Why would you avoid prepaid contracts and flat rates? If the company has been in business a while and is reputable, wouldn't that be good enough?

@Victor Lebegue do you service St. Paul?

Regarding contract vs event = you will have to look at your crystal ball to figure out which is a better deal.  Two years ago I was on per event and lost my butt.  Last year I was on a contract and won.  This year I am on a contract again.  Can't predict how much snow we will have and being out of state you won't want to follow the weather trying to figure out when to hire it out.  I would go the contract route.

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I have had a difficult time finding help in 55106. Searched FB groups, angies list, craigslist, prop mgmt companies. Honestly either people want big money or more likely dont service the area. hopefully your in a different zip. Contracts are brutal sticker shock but seem more and more worth it every year.

The best help I found was through a FB contact last year and he was a one man side business kind of shop, sadly he is no longer doing removal. Dont discount the small shops - after all thats what 95% of us are.. PM me for the company that I went with this year. I cant say if they are any good yet for sure, but they were responsive on angies list and are a well established business. 

I think average snowfall in cities is around 60. last year it was 90... Think of it this way, contractor would be more willing to sign a long term contract on snow for a flat rate because the average snow fall over a period of 3 years will be average. but if you sign a 1 year contract, the contractor will want per event because now its risky if it doesn't snow a lot, they lose money. for you, it works out if you contract per event and it never snows, but if you do a flat rate and it doesnt snow you lose money. So I'd aim for a long term contract 3+ years on flat rate, steady numbers you can project into your cashflow as well.

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