Minneapolis Inspection for Conversion to a Rental

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I’m having my house in Minneapolis inspected for conversion to a rental and compliance with the Housing Maintenance Code. Does anyone know if there are specific things the inspector will tend to focus on? When I’ve had inspections out to close permits they’ve always been sticklers for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Are there any other similar areas of focus for this inspection? Thanks.

Hi Joe, like Matt Higgins said our office has had some let's say "unique" situations as well when it comes to inspections.  I'm tempted to list a few of them, however I didn't want to cause undue worry because most situations are pretty normal and the city is usually pretty workable.  If you do have any questions, get in touch with me and I'd be happy to assist you in navigating through any unusual situations.



@Joe Kristoff it seems no matter how much you prepare they find more. We have had luck with having a couple of our maintenance men on site repairing items as they point them out as much as possible. They seem to go lighter on us then.