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Is there any biggerpockets meetups in the St. Louis area?

thanks for that!

I would be interested in a meetup as well!  We need to round up all the investors in St. Louis and network!

I'm down to meet up for sure... Not that active investing yet, but I hope to be asap. Let's do this

I won't be back in the area, but I would love to see one get started.  I'll join the next one in Feb/Mar!

Count me in too.

There are quite a few larger real estate groups in St. Louis already which you can find on meetup.  Some draw over a hundred people each meeting. 

@Brian Haskins , I agree that there are a lot of REIAs in the area. In fact, I often refer others to SSIC (apparently, the second largets REIA in the country). However, from what I've seen, most people at these meetings don't prescribe to the BP principles which I feel should be standard. I'd be nice to be able to meet with like-minded individuals in my market that understand the concepts and know the deals I'm looking for.

I'm in! I did go to and saw several meetup events for investors in St Louis. But I didn't see a lot of those folks on BP.

@Ronald Perich  thank you!  I knew I wasn't the only one!  We have a big BP presence here.  We should take advantage of it.  We need Bob Hines and Gunnar Teltow to make this real.  From what I've read, they have this market locked.  AND, they have no problem reaching out. Again, I'm out of country (i.e., military) until Feb 2015, but I hope you guys can put something serious together.   

I'm in. I've attended a couple of REIA's and felt like they were a venue to upsell something. Definitely beneficial to a greenie like me, but I think the BP community is a bit more organic.

I attend a REIA as well but the authenticity of meeting with BP members would bring a whole other atmosphere that I am willing to explore. lets get it. lets do this!

I would be interested in sponsoring heading up a meet up. 

Let me introduce my self. I'm a realtor and investor in St Louis. I typically work, manage, buy sell in St Louis Metro area. I have bought sold flip and rehabbed over 250 Properties in St Louis metro area.

@Peter MacKercher  , the desire is definitely there.  I'm still not due back to the area for another couple of months, but I hope it is a success.  I will definitely attend the follow-up meeting if it is, which I have no doubt :)  

I'm in as well....

How would people feel about the second tuesday of the month? I'm thinking of trying to do the first meetup February 10, 2015. 

What time of day works best for everyone?

early morning 7:30 am 


evening 6pm or 7pm

Let me know and I will start working on a place to meet. 

I'm in for February 10th, if its evening. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Feb 10th should work for me if it's in the evening!

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Reel Big Fish & Less Than Jake at the Pagent that night.  Can't make it :-)

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my first post. .. hi!

I would be interested in Feb 10 in the evening. 


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