New Agent In St. Louis, MO

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I'm a new agent in st. Louis Missouri looking to build connections and offer services for anyone looking for investment properties. Please let me know if you have any interest!
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Welcome @Garen Lafser !  Wishing you the best as a new agent.  Local meet ups and coffee dates with other BP members are a great place to be for you if you are intent on working with investors.  Have fun with it!  

 Thanks Jonna, will do!

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@Garen Lafser congrats.  What area(s) are you in?  

 Matt, sorry for the late response, didn't seem to notice the notification.

I live in Kirkwood, and work in Creve Coeur.  Areas that I target are: the grove, maplewood, kirkwood, glendale, oakland, and some parts of south city.  



We are active buyers in St. Louis. We do around 4-6 fix n flips each year. We also try to acquire around 2-4 buy n holds per year as well ranging from cash purchases to owner financing deals. Would love to see what kind of deals you can find for us!