St Louis multi-family properties realtor

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Hello everyone,

I'm a Canadian who visits St Louis on a semi-regular basis (currently around 1 week each month) for my day job and have been starting to get interested in a potential investment into multi-unit properties.

Does anyone know a realtor, is a realtor themselves, or has any knowledge about the local market they would like to share? I have a spreadsheet with several properties I'm interested in, with some basic profitability calculations. I'm looking to go see some of these properties on Saturday June 20th.

I'll also be free most evenings this week June 15-19.

I'm also interested in any St Louis investor meetups that may occur, I believe I just missed the last one which may have occurred last week...



I know a guy who might be able to help.  PM me and I'll get you his info.  He's a property manager, but also has his realtor's license and I trust him implicitly.

You can call Richie at 314-277-1424 and see if you think he is a realtor that you would like to work with. I have knowledge of the area from an investment purpose. You can ask me questions anytime.