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Can't believe Brandon left out Springfield, Queen City of the Ozarks, the cultural center for all mule loving hillbillies ! Population 165,0000+ fastest growing area of the State, estimated at 22% to 2025. Economic center for more than 5 counties. Just over 81 square miles but the 3rd largest city in the State. 

Springfield, Federal Court District 9, taking in 66 counties!

Home of Brad Pitt, Kathleen Turner, Bass Pro owner Johnny Morris, O'Reilly Auto Parts owner Charlie O'Reilly, Real estate legends John Q. Hammons and Carol Jones. Don't forget Bob Barker (The Price Is Right) and Dallas Cowboys owner and developer Jerry Jones living here, all family friends.  

Gateway to Route 66       

And, most notably, my hometown! LOL

 That alone should give Springfield area investors a sub-forum! 

In the late 30's Joplin was larger than Springfield, the rail road chose Springfield as the rail head  and that sealed Joplin's fate. There was competition through the 50's between the two cities. Burge Hospital, now Cox tipped the scales as a regional care center and St. John's took on a regional approach as well. South Springfield exploded in growth in the 50's. I use to hunt rabbits as a kid where Battlefield Mall sits! Springfield had a pro baseball team then, they played at Grant Beach Park. Joplin got left behind in a lot of areas.  

Joplin had Bonnie and Clyde, Springfield had the Wild Bill Hickok shoot out on the square.  Wild Bill was a hero and Joplin got a reputation for gangsters, lots of rum runners, trucking thieves and auto hack shops in that area as three state lines were nearby to evade the law. 

But, while Joplin was a school rival for sports (and we won most of the games, BTW) I like Joplin and things are really changing after the tornado. The roads around the "Falls" make a nice bike ride.

I'd also say Joplin has more potential for beginning RE investors, plenty of inventory for house hackers. Lots of old tired landlords too. :) 

Another vote for the ozark area! I am new to real estate investing but I have always visited the area and wanted to move down there. I am living in southeast Nebraska and working at a nuclear power plant, just saving money and looking at beginning my real estate endeavor. I am looking forward to buying some properties down that way soon!

Hello Everyone, I'm new here, just found you guys. I have an interesting scenario for a seasoned investor or a real estate attorney. I have found a house that (in all sense of the word) is abandoned.  13 years now. It is overgrown, and is causing rodents and pests to infiltrate the neighborhood. The neighbors are sick of it, They have told me all kinds of stories about the house. The owner pays the taxes on it but has not lived in the house since 2005. She refuses to sell and has had multiple offers.  The house needs work, the main water main burst under the house years ago and she did not have the funds to fix so she left. The house is on a community well and the neighborhood shut the water off.  No electricity on it for 13 yrs. I want to rehab it and use it for my personal home. Can I pursue a suite for abandonment or nuisance with the county? Get a quiet title or something like this? I am still trying to locate the owner but have info on some friends and family to try and contact. Neighbors are ALL willing to give affidavits for a suite.  Any advice or system for doing this?

FYI, owner has had multiple offers to sell. She refuses, neighbors say she's a little crazy. She has told them she will just let it sit and rot or hopes it just burns down at some point. Neighbor next door sold and moved last year because of the rat problem coming from the property being overgrown. No mortgage or liens on the property either.