real estate clubs in kansas city metro

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im curious about rei clubs and their advntages for newbies. im thinking about joining the landlord's association of eastern Jackson county and wondering if there are any members here on bp. thanks

I have no experience with that one, but the MAREI group is fantastic and the single KCIG meeting I attended was ok

U mentioned yesterday for me to connect with you. How do i do that?

I've been to several of the eastern Jackson County landlord meetings. It's got people from Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, and independence. Very small,  but pretty informative.  Nice people. 

MAREI is much bigger. Try both of them out. I've  gotten so busy its been awhile since I've been to any meetings. ..

Hi Shawn:

Welcome to PB!

If you would like to register as a first time guest, the next MAREI meeting is

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Holiday Inn & Suites - OP West
8787 Reeder Road
Overland Park, KS 66214

what should I expect at these meetings?

you can go to the website to see the days topic and speakers background. There will be several vendors in the 

fat fingers! 

Room to start building relationships. There's a few hard money lenders, banks, insurance pros, it varies but there's always several there. 

More importantly, there will be actually investors, wholesalers,  genral contractors, and a lot of rookies in the room. Meeting them and building relationships is key 

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