Looking to build a St. Charles County team

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Hello fellow Missourians,

Are you investing in or around St. Charles County Missouri?

Are you or do you have an investor friendly agent?

Are you or do you have a good residential property management company?

Are you or do you have an existing relationship with a local portfolio lender?

Are you or do you have a good contracting team to focus on fix/flips?

I'd love to connect! As part of my REI goals, I am looking to develop a team focused on the St. Charles County market with the objective of acquiring distressed properties, performing rehab, and holding for rental income. Why St. Charles County??? Well, a few reasons.

  • This is where I was born and raised and I have an existing network of friends and family in the area.  I also travel back for that same reason a couple times a year.
  • As a Midwestern, small college (Lindenwood), suburb of St. Louis there are more opportunities for higher cash on cash returns for buy/hold strategies
  • My local market, Fort Collins, CO is very highly valued and extremely competitive due to the double digit appreciation we've been experiencing.  Leaning towards focusing fix/flip in this market and funneling cash into buy/hold properties in St. Charles for a period of time

I'm looking forward to meeting those involved in this market and hopefully establishing mutually beneficial relationships! 


@Eric Jackson I am investing in the St.Louis area. I can tell you about a property manager and realtor. I find my own deals also. I guess I am not suppose to promote the people on the market place so send me a message.

I have recently started working in the St Louis area and can give you some info about rehabbers and closing companies.  Message me and I will share.  Still working  Realtor.


I'm an investor-friendly Realtor in the St Louis area.  I also know of some contractors and management companies that you may find helpful.  Would love to chat.  Have you joined any of the local investment groups; some of them are most helpful in person but others have good resources like websites or active list serves.

@Maggie L.   Thank you for reaching out!  I will message you offline but I appreciate the recommendation on joining the local investment groups.  I haven't yet although I have received a couple good recommendations.  Are you active in any of the groups?  If so, which might you recommend?

Talk soon

Does anyone on BP have experience with Cody Properties in St. Charles?  They appear to be a family based, volume rehab/flip as well as buy and hold investment company.  I plan on reaching out to the them, but was hoping they might be active on BP or if anyone has any direct experience to share.


@Eric Jackson I'm varying degrees of active in some of the groups - I'm actually missing one of the weekly lunches right now because of work on a rehab that's nearly done.  

It really depends on what you're looking for in a group.  For example, the South Side Investment Club (SSIC) has a list serve I've found very helpful.  People ask a lot of questions/request referrals and the responses are pretty quick.  STLREIA has monthly meetings with informative speakers on a variety of topics, but the discounts available with the membership were also very useful e.g. an extra 2% off everything at Lowe's on top of the 5% LAR discount adds up pretty quickly if you're rehabbing.

Those were the two that came to mind If you're not necessarily able to make most of the meetings.