Mortgage lender Springfield MO area

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Hello, I recently had a falling out with my current mortgage lender in Springfield MO and am looking for a lender you recommend in the area. My credit score is 758. The property I'm buying is for 200,000. Curious if any lenders you have used would be willing to do 20% down payment with fixed rate. Thanks

Jacob I am using Navy Federal for an investment and you can do everything online.  If it's 50 miles or more away from primary residents they will consider a 2nd home. Inside They want 25% down for an investment. So I told them I wanted it for a new primary bc it was closer to work. Now I get to put only 5% down. Tell your lender what they need to hear to make it work. 

@Jacob George Lada I just saw your post.  I work with a number of top lenders in MO and would be happy to connect you.  If you're interested in an introduction, please message me!

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