Proper to change tenants for property damages

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I just wanted to know the proper laws in Kansas City to charge tenants for property damages after eviction. As we know as investors the security deposit does not cover all damages. What is the best way to charge tenant for property damages especially if they left and there is no information about their new address? I already have in the leasing agreement that they will be responsible for damages.   Any tips especially with finding tenant new address? Thanks

@Shepard Solomon - Sorry, I cannot speak specifically to KC law - but in many places, you'd need to go back to court to seek an additional judgement against them for the damages (post eviction) that were not covered by any security deposit. And then you'd further need to get that judgement posted to all 3 credit reports and renew it as needed. And then if in the coming X years they should get their life together and seek to do something that requires credit, you'll get an unexpected payment one day out of the blue. You can use sites like to possibly obtain their new address.

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