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Hi all from Montana.n I am new to bigger pockets and it looks like a great group of people. I have been wanting to connect with some other investors in the area it seems almost impossible to get together. Shaun if I read this right you are from Helena and I would love to have a cup of coffee with you sometime. Patrick you welcomed me in and I would love to get together with you sometime if you're in the Helena area. Maybe we could all start an investor REI group here. I hope this thread of Montana investors continues.

I'm a little late getting to this post and I can't believe I'm the only Billings guy to comment so far (I think). I'm a full-time investor here in Billings but would love to connect with some other people working across the state.

You're not the only one in Billings! There are several others in and near town. We should organize a meet-up.

Commons 1882 (4th Ave. & 30th St. downtown) is convenient for me most afternoons around 5.

Since this thread is the epic Montana thread of all ages I figured I'd remind you guys day after tomorrow is the monthly Great Falls meetup at the Tap House. @MARK MONTANO you still around? One of our group just bought an REO duplex and another a quad. Pretty exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, I'm in Salt Lake until Friday so I'm out for this meeting.  

I'm still here George!

@George N.   I have to be at work at 630pm tomorrow.  I'm going to try and reschedule for earlier in the day, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make this one either.

Hi Everyone,

I am a new investor building my investment business as we speak here in Bozeman. I'm looking to bridge the distance gap by getting to know investors here on Bigger Pockets from Montana. 

I plan to be active on the site and engage in the community as well as join in on the Meet Up Cash Flow group in Bozeman starting in December. 

I am SUPER pumped about the exciting world of RE investing. 

Network = Networth. Let's connect! 


It's great to hear so many Montana investors on PB! I'm just trying to learn all I can on BP. I just saw this post and thought I would try to revive it. I would love to meet with any BP members in Helena. I also travel to Great Falls about once a week for my non-REI job. @George Nikolakakos are there still meet ups in Great Falls?

Hello from Billings, 

I am new to REI, but eager to learn more. I have yet to buy anything, let alone my own house. I would like to get a multi family house to rent out and live in.


Hey guys I am beginning my career in REI as well and am about to purchase my first property. If anyone is driving through Missoula anytime and wants to grab a coffee, feel free to shoot me a message.

Hello everyone! My name is Jae and I'm also located in Billing Mt. I just started my REI adventure as well and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Real Estate investor meet up at the end of the month.

If you are in Billings and need more information on the meet up let me know!


Grant Boynton, how did you do that so fast?  Last I heard you were in school and just thinking about how to do it!  Congrats!

Hello all! 

I'm also from Billings and would love to meet up with some locals. I have been listening to the BP podcast for the past two years or so since I graduated from college. I am currently not investing in any properties but hope to get into the game here in the next several years. 

@Jake VanBinsbergen

Glad you are here with us! Lots to learn on this site.  We will have our meeting on Jan 28th. Feel free to join us. I will PM you with more details. 

Hey All,

I'm relocating to the Flathead in late July. It's a bit of a drive from some of you further south, but I'll gladly put in the miles. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

I'll also be in town March 11 - 16th if anyone wants to grab coffee or lunch. 

Hello All!

I'm a Great Falls area investor (although currently in Japan) Its good to see so many Montanans on here! I wish I had found this site while I was there, I would def. be down for a taphouse meeting!

Being tax season, does anybody have a good local CPA contact? I usually file myself but figure its time to let the professionals take over and am having some trouble finding somebody from all the way over here. 

Thank in advance. 


George, I'm active duty as well. Expanding my investments. Want to get together sometime? Others in Great Falls?

@George N. , @Mark Caiazza , @Peter Dascoulias II are you guys still meeting up the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Tap House or do you know if the other group is still there and what time do they meet?

@David Bullock the Tap House meeting might be a good place for you to Network with some local investors. 


@David Bullock shoot me a txt. @John 

@John Monroe we do still get together at the IPM meeting though attendance of BPers is sporadic as we're often busy. @Peter Dascoulias II is a leadership figure now so he's almost always there. If there's a new person attending we generally coordante beforehand and really try to make it or set something else up.@Mark Caiazza and I got a house we're rehabbing together so we're always interested in input etc just get with either of us. Would also like to hear what you're up to John. 

Hello fellow Montana REI's! I'm new to BP but wanted to introduce myself to the group. I live with my wife in Bozeman, and own/operate two local businesses. I'm VERY interested in pursuing more commercial real estate in the area and would enjoy meeting up with other local, like-minded investors.

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