Looking for Experience Wholesaler / Investment Realtor in Omaha, Nebraska

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Howdy BP Member,

I'm currently in the process of preparing to move from Chicago, IL to Omaha, NE and am looking for people to work with in regards to not only find myself a personal home to buy but also investment deals as well. My focus is Buy & Hold rentals with the anticipation of doing a flip here & there only AFTER I'm fully settled in Omaha. 

Anybody know or happen to be experienced Wholesaler or Realtors in the area? My first focus is finding my own home but will also consider investment properties in parallel. 

Areas of interest: Aksarben, Midtown and West Omaha. 

I'm looking for at least 3 BR's and prefer 2 Baths for my personal home but will look at 1 Baths for investment properties. 

I really appreciate any and all help you wonderful people could provide. 

Thank you!

I would recommend Fred Tichauer with Berkshire. He helped my son get a home and 3 investment houses. He had 40 yrs experience and is also a SFH investor/flipper himself.

[email protected]

@Dennis Tierney Thank you for that recommendation, I looked over his profile and he sounds like an excellent person to work with. Have you, yourself, had any luck working with Wholesalers in the Omaha area? Thanks again.

@Tyler Bain I don't do SFH and have no experience with wholesaling in the area. Hopefully Fred can direct you in that area but I don't know if he does much in that arena either. You might want to consider joining MOPOA (Metropolitan Omaha Property Owners Association) when you get into town.

I'm a wholesaler in area currently with a a few under contract email me 

Hi @DaMonni Denson

Welcome to BiggerPockets. I hope you find everything here, for your success.

I will be watching for your success stories. 


@Tyler Bain how did the move go? Did you get any properties purchased? What was your experience like? Did you end up working with Fred Tichauer, and if so, was he a good investor's agent?

I'm considering the Omaha market, but I'm still in the due diligence phase. Would appreciate any insight or personal experience you can share.


@Joshua Metherd The Omaha market has become difficult as have many others because of low inventory. I have changed to SFH this year for purchases because the multi-family cap rates are too low to make investment sense. We have been able to buy 10 SFH this year but 7 of them were pocket listings. Any good deals are gone within 24-48 hrs of hitting the MLS so you have check daily and move fast or your left in the dust. We also are in the midst of our first fix and flip so they can be found if you're quick and alert.

I know a few Realtors in town that have been in the business a long time as well that may be of some help.

@Tyler Bain , next month the Omaha reia has a sped networking event and would be ideal to meet people that would align with your business needs.  Google Omaha reia and check it out.

@Tyler Bain I'm a local agent and investor. I would love to chat if you would like. Let me know!

@Dennis Tierney Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Are you concentrating your efforts in certain neighborhoods, or are you more opportunistic and taking whatever deals pop up?

@Dennis Anderson I'll send you a direct message. 

Hi Tyler. I am a real estate attorney and broker that has handled approx. $200 million of real estate transactions.  I also represent a number of investors that you could end up working with.  Please let me know if you want to set up a call to discuss details.  Thanks, and have great night.

@Joshua Metherd I avoid the northeast and southeast areas generally but have bought some there, avoiding the most blighted/dangerous zones.

Did anyone find private money for Nebraska? Thanks 

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