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Hey BP Nation,

I'm currently in search of recommendations for knowledgeable and experience Real Estate Attorneys and CPA's in Omaha, Nebraska to work with. I'm starting down the wonderful road of Buy & Hold investing and am trying to build my network around me. 

Do any of you seasoned pro's in the area of Omaha, Nebraska have recommendations for experienced Real Estate Attorney's and / or CPA's you've used? I've found a couple good Brokers and Agents but am having a tougher time with the legal side of things.

Any light you could shed on this motivated greenhorn would be greatly appreciated!


Tyler Bain

@TylerBain I use Russ Kreikemeier (Kreikemeier Law) as my RE lawyer.  He is a great guy and very detail oriented with his contacts.   He'll make sure you not only don't get skrewed, he'll work to stack the deck in your favor.  If you do a Google search, it will show up as his office in West Point but he has one here in Omaha as well.

I see I'm a whole year late to this party, but I use Sandra Germer as my CPA.  She's owned a brick and mortar business as well (restaurant).  I've had a quite a few conversations with her about RE and feel comfortable expanding into real estate with her services. 

Looking for the same, thanks for the recommendations here!

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