Nebraska Wholesale/Purchase/Sale Contract form

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I know at some point I will need to set up or fill out a contract when wholesaling, so I've been searching around for one that I can use. I've been looking around on the Tools/File Place for it, but all I can find is a generic contract form -

Wholesale Purchase & Sale Contract

I googled for purchase and sales contract forms, and found one from Texas Real Estate Commission/TREC, which leads me to believe that each state has a semi-official contract form that the RE Commission would use as a standard to do deals.

I did find NREC's site and a list of forms here - , but none of them bundle the purchase and sale together in one. Am I looking at it wrong ? Am I supposed to use multiple forms ?

Does anyone from Omaha/Nebraska have or use such a form ? If so, can you upload it either to BP's file place or link me to it ?

Thank you !