New Investors out of Central Nebraska and Beatrice areas.

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I would be interested in networking with other investors operating around the Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney area or around the Beatrice area.  We have some cash to partner up on a deal or looking for wholesalers with flip properties in those areas.  

Hey Erik, I'm in Central City and just completed my first deal in Hordville of all places. Currently looking for deals in Hall, Hamilton, Merrick, and Howard counties. Too bad that Grand Island doesn't have a REI meet-up. If you ever want to compare notes, let me know.

Hey Eric, I'm in Grand Island. I do a lot of driving for dollars and letter writing. I'm currently looking for a flip or a buy and hold, and I'm in a live in flip. Finding deals in GI is tough. 

Andrew what kind of deals are you doing?

Maybe we could all get together for lunch one day? 

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Hey Fellas!

My name is Connor Streit and I am a newbie investor located in Kearney. I've been anxious to find like-minded real estate investors in my area like yourselves. If any of you are interested in networking or partnering, I believe I can offer some value through my knowledge about the Kearney market. Fill free to reach out at anytime!