General Contractor recommendations

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Any recommendations for a general contractor in Omaha? Looking to do some light remodeling on a property (installing flooring, tiling, new fence, rewrapping windows) have worked with several different contractors on our current property and haven't had stellar experiences, so hoping someone out there has a contractor they trust that they would be willing to share!

I'm working with TZ Contracting and Home Improvements on a bathroom remodel and have been impressed thus far.  Super straight forward, easy to work with.  I know they're pushed out until the end of October, so not sure if that time frame works for you, but Malachi has been great.  You can PM me for his contact info if you're interested.  He is licensed, bonded and insured.

@Jenessa NeSmith  Looks like im a litte late to the thread. Did you end up settling on a contractor? If not, I have a great contractor who is reasonable. He is finishing a full rehab for me right now. Send me a PM if you would like his contact info.

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