Kearney And Central Ne flipping Worth It?

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So I was looking at a house to flip the other day and the real estate agent pretty much said she didn’t think there was any money to be made in flipping in Kearney. I completely disagree. I think the right home could easily be flipped for a profit in a hot market like Kearney. But I am curious....what are some other opinions on flipping homes in central Nebraska? Thanks guys!

I have flipped homes, and own property in every type of market in Nebraska and Iowa. Run the numbers if its enough for the trouble then do it. Do your research and comps. You will be fine. 

Fyi we just did a 30 day flip, on market for 3 days 60 thousand profit, city of 4500 ppl thats 80 miles from nearest big city. Alot of communities are lacking nice updated homes and ppl will pay to have one. 

Hi Samantha, I invest in Kearney. I have never completed a true flip, however have created several BRRRR's for rental properties. They can be tough to find but knowing the market is huge, and be aware of the market swings (e.g. don't buy so you're selling a flip during the winter months). Best of luck! If I can be of assistance let me know!