Meeting Folks in Reno, Nevada

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My wife and I are aspiring investors in the Reno-Tahoe area. We are working on our business plan right now and building up funds for our first property purchase ever as we continuously listen to BP webinars, podcasts, crawl the forums, and read whatever materials we get to make sure we make our first deal a good one.

I'd love to meet other folks interested in the REI scene here in Reno-Tahoe and get the skinny on good references to help build up a team of professionals I can rely on including a CPA that knows real estate, attorney that knows real estate, competent contractor that can accurately inspect and estimate costs, good local financiers, etc.

I'd also just really enjoy talking with people in person that have a pulse on the scene and get to know more people with like interests.

Do we have a local meet-up? Are there groups that like to get together and talk REI on a regular basis? Respond to this post! I'm already looking forward to meeting you.

-Wes Pittman

Welcome Wesley, I just spent the weekend out in Reno / Sparks area and am also intrigued with the area for buy & hold rental investing.  Would definitely be interested in meeting more local investors to learn more about the area.

Hi Wesley, 

I also spent much time researching the Reno market.  I spent a few days there last weekend driving around and meeting with a local RE agent / investor.  His name is Scott Myer with Myer Realty (Office phone: 775-360-4900).  He's a really nice guy.  He spent several hours with me helping me understand the market.  Scott would be a good connection because he's been in the area since the 70's and has been in the RE business for about 15 yrs.  He also knows reputable contractors, mortgage officers, property management companies, etc.  Should you decide to reach out to him (he's not on here, you'll have to call or email), tell him I referred you. 

Best of luck,



Congrats on taking the hardest step on what is sure to be a long journey. I am a native Northern Nevadan and would love to connect. It's always great to meet like minded people and share ideas. Let's meet up one of these days for a coffee. I'll shoot you over a colleague request and we can touch base. Good luck. I look forward to talking again soon

Hey Wes. Welcome to the Reno-Tahoe scene! Feel free to reach out to me, I'd be happy to meet up with you or chat over the phone/email. I'm in the process of looking for my first investment as well, and would love to trade ideas and just talk about what's out there.

I'm also an agent, but I'm on BP more to learn and talk with other people from an investor's point of view, rather than promote myself. Give me a call or email any time!


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