I need a *great* high end CRE in Vegas

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I have a client that doesn't own high end commercial property in Vegas yet but wants to. Anyone have pocket listings/wholesaling while DIRECT out there?

@Devon Garbus you're trying to make money for your client? He wants to own high-end commercial RE but your strategy is pocket listings and off market deals? Are you a wholesaler? Where is your fiduciary responsibility? Are you a licensed agent? Can you share more details?

Hi Rob,

Good questions.

In general the Las Vegas purchases will be trophy properties, low to mid single digit RoI is all he is looking for, especially if it's on the strip. I would be bringing the buyer in and my duties would be to him. 

In a similar vein he is purchasing in Manhattan but I have some contacts there helping me all ready. Happy to speak with more people though!

He and his company are of the opinion if it's on the market and someone hasn't bought it yet there is a reason for it. He prefers off market deals. 

There is also a personal reason. My client is very particular about the personalities of the people he works with. Lots of deals he has walked away from when someone starts acting unprofessional. There is a lot of that in this area.

My licensing is out of the state of Florida. Fees would most easily be done as a standard NCND and the buyer's agent fee paid as a referral, if that is what you are wondering?

@Devon Garbus

We have Arts District projects that are top shelf if thats in the wheelhouse.

Thanks TIger, I'll ask if that area could work

Hi Devon,

you can try John McClelland at Coldwell Bankers. I've dealt with him a few times and found him to more knowledgeable and professional than your average CRE.


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@Devon Garbus Are you taking hotel money or strip mall money it makes a big difference? I have access to some high end stuff that but the returns are really low. The hotel deals are in the high end law firms out here. It's really quite hard to get in the click but if your buyer is the real deal we can get him in.

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