Turning a little into more in the Las Vegas Area

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Hey Everyone,

I am new to real estate investing and only have one deal under my belt that is currently a house hack I am working on and live in. That being said I have about $12000 I want to throw into a deal. Obviously this isn't enough purchase a deal and I just started a new Solar business so my loan options are very limited. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of deal this could get me or possible want to partner on a fix and flip? I have a little construction experience mostly in the electrical field but would love to learn more.

Hey John,

Have you thought about offering to pay for a seasoned wholesalers marketing and getting a certain % of the deals that come from it? I know a few rehabbers that pay 7-10k monthly to a wholesaler and get rights to each deal or take a % of the deals they close on. 


It never occurred to me to do this. I am not terribly familiar with Wholesaling to be honest. I know you do it through mailers and sell the contracts to Flippers but that is about all I know. I would be very interested in learning more and perhaps do a couple of deals together to get my feet wet if you are open to that.

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