Tree, shrub, drip system maintenance

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I moved to Arizona, and was looking to see if anyone has a recommendation of a person or company to do some basic, fairly small scale yard maintenance. Just drove by my rental in Las Vegas, and it looks like I'll need to replace a small (very small) tree and a couple other small plants and clean some drip lines no longer needed, and then ongoing periodoc maintenance thereafter.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a service provider they like for this kind of service, I'd appreciate it. Of any other kind of maintenance and repair providers, I'll make a note of it. 

Thank you!

Same. My guy is landscaping company by weekday and independent contractor weeknights and weekends. 

I usually avoid the ongoing maintenance as most people want $100/mo to come 4 times per month while most properties need someone every couple months. 

Small tree replacement might cost $150-$200 all done. Everything else is minor. Maybe even thrown in with the tree work.