Vacation Rental in NH

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Hi Bigger Pockets! I've been listening to the Podcast for the past 2-3 months and am up to episode 97. I've played around a little on this site, but have a lot of exploring to do. I'm a Realtor in MA and I recently purchased a vacation rental home in Bartlett, NH. I'm looking forward to learning more about investing and connecting with other members.

I could also use some help! I've seen a couple other posts in the forums about vacation home owners in the NH area. I am in need of a new house cleaner up there and am hoping folks here can make some suggestions. Thank you! 

@Elizabeth Bain congratulations on your purchase! I'm also a Realtor in RI and MA and just bought a vacation rental property in Twin Mountain, not too far from Bartlett. I joined (there is also to find a housecleaner and also asked local businesses if they knew anyone. I then interviewed several people. Getting someone good and dependable took work but I finally found someone and it's been working out great.

Best of luck!

Congratulations I'm a long term rental investor in Littleton NH so not too far away but not quite the same business model. Regardless finding good help is hard, especially up in the north country where apparently clocks work differently. I'd recommend just asking around when you're up there or calling people you've already done business with. The towns are small and everyone knows everyone if you used a realtor to buy the home or had a handyman or tradesman come through to do any work, and they've done a good job, then just ask if they know someone.  I'd bet they'd happily give you a couple of names and it will help solidify your relationships in the town. I found a great property manager in LIttleton and they normally have the dirt on every and every company in town so when I need something done (that the property manager can't do) they have a few people they recommend and I've never had any issues. I do believe in the saying "trust but verify" and normally call a few other places to ask questions and get rough estimates. That being said I've gone against their recommendations a few times and some of those worked out well, others not so much...