Moving to Seacoast Region

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My wife and I are interested in moving to New Hampshire. Although nothing is 100% settled yet, we are leaning towards the Seacoast Region (my father lives in FL, but travels to Somersworth during the week for work and it would be nice for him to be able to see his grandchild more frequently). I am hoping to do something similar to what we did when we moved out here to CO (Find an agent that also has rentals to be our buyer's rep, lease from them while they find us a property to buy, end lease early and move into our own property). Does anyone have referrals for an agent that works in the Portsmouth, Exeter, and Dover area?

Arthur Thomas Properties in Dover fits the description. They have a bunch of rentals and the owner Tom Toye is an agent. Have not used them for our stuff but we bought a duplex in Dover that they were managing for an out of state owner. Tom was the listing agent as well. He was very helpful throughout the process and gave us a great recommendation for an HVAC guy that we used to replace the boiler 

@Chad G.

Hey Chad!

Congrats on moving in the area. I don’t have any available units right now but am an investor/agent myself.

I’d be happy to help you find something in the sea coast area of NH.

Shoot me a message!