Newark NJ Investors Looking to Connect?

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I'm doing some work in the Newark area over the next month and would be interested in grabbing dinner/drinks with investors in the area to chat and share experiences.  

Most of my investing has been with buy and hold, but I've also done some wholesaling and flipping.

Either reply on here or send me a message if you would be interested getting together to discuss real estate.  I'll be staying at a hotel near the airport.

@Tom Sylvester are you referencing Newark, NJ?  Include the state, that way people will be  notified through keyword alerts.

@Tom Sylvestor, I am a newbie to REI and would love to sit and discuss real estate with you!

@Shawn M.  - Yes, Newark, NJ.  I thought I put that in the posting but maybe not.

@Mark Langdon  - Well, that timing works out well.  I'm coming from Union so hopefully I can make it over there by 6.

@Rita Droz  - Sounds great.  I'm staying at the Embassy Suites near the airport M-Th this week and the next 2 weeks.  I'm usually back by 6:30/7.  There is a bar/lounge area here if you would like to meet here and chat some night.

@Tom Sylvester  you did my apologies.  It was in the title which is fine. my mistake.

@Tom Sylvester - Perfect, I am going to try and make the meeting tomorrow but if not, I will definitely firm up a day that we can meet up.  I will PM you.

I am a newark investor in the city every day, PM me if you want to stop by one of my projects or grab a cup of coffee one day while you are here, or any other newark investors. 

I buy rehab and hold in Newark

That Tuesday meetup as really good. Glen is a great guy and always draws a lot good NJ investors.

@Steve Wilcox  - That sounds great.  I'm typically doing other business during the day but maybe we can grab dinner or a drink some night.

@Rafael Norat  - Agreed, I was impressed.  Real investors, real knowledge being shared and networking.  There is a lot of good stuff going on locally.

Yes it is. Usually first week of the month


Another good meetup is tonight:

NJ Flippers and Funders Real Estate Networking Event
When:  Wednesday, February 4th, 7-10PM
Where: McLoone’s Boathouse, 9 Cherry Lane, West Orange, NJ

Tom Sylvester Hi I'm young and eager, who lives in NJ. I work as a hotel manager in Manhattan. I am interested in learning more about wholesaling in NJ. Can we meet up for coffee or lunch sometime to discuss? Greatly Appreciated.

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