Looking for GC in NJ (Gloucester, Burlington, Camden counties)

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Hi guys, I'm looking for an investor friendly GC that is in Gloucester, Burlington, Camden counties.  Also, if there are any guys from Philadelphia who would hop over the bridge.  Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.


I have a few questions for you: 

Are you still looking for an investor friendly GC? 

What type of work are you focusing on (residential or commercial)?  

How many projects do you currently have/ scope of work?

I have a few guys in mind in those areas, let me know.

I am looking for this as well. I will have a property under contract soon. I'd like someone that can give me estimates during the inspection phase.

Im looking for an investor friendly licensed GC willing to work with Fannie home style loan requirements in the Mercer Area, if you know anyone, please let me know. I would like someone who can work quickly and efficiently. Thanks