Tell Me Everything You Know About Bellmawr, NJ

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for people who are very familiar with Bellmawr, NJ who can give me insight. I've never been there but I'm somewhat interested in the town.

To be clear on my goal, what I'm looking to do is buy an SFR and then in time move out and rent it out. Any feedback would really be appreciated!

@Christopher Noto I live about 5 mins away from Bellmawr.  It's a blue collar town.  What attracts you to Bellmawr?

Hey @Benjamin Ellis

I like Bellmawr because the homes are very cheap compared to Toms River where I live, or all of Ocean County for that matter (keep in mind I'm working with a budget up to 100k maximum for an SFR). I also like Bellmawr because it's very close to both Philadelphia and Mt. Laurel, so the location is great for me too.

@Christopher Noto  Thats true.  Also consider Maple Shade.  Are you buying a property to fix up?  Or are you buying something "move-in" ready through a realtor?

@Benjamin Ellis

I'm looking to move into an SFR that at most only has cosmetic issues. Looking to avoid very old roofs, HVAC systems, and boilers. Move-in ready would be great but I'm more bent on a lower price.

Looking to live in it for 5-10 years and then rent out. 

I lived in Bellmawr for all of my adult life until last year (moved to bigger home).

Grew up, rented, then owned our own for 20+ years.

yes mostly a blue-collar town.
I consider it a safe town.  My wife would walk to the park by herself. 

On the Barrington (East) side the homes are typicaly more expensive and larger (typically being built later).   On the West side is Crescent park (single homes with a mixture of duplexes) and Bellmawr Park (which is a mutual housing facility.  Low rent but not necessarily low income).  In the middle there are some 1960s bi-level developments and small ranchers.

I considered Bellmawr a transition town (my own term)...priced inexpensively so that it is a target for people coming out of rent or just married, but then there are many, many residents who have been there for decades... so you end with a mix of homes that are beautifully upgraded with additions and pools, and then 4 doors down is a house that was built in 1952, never upgraded by the owners, and still looks like 1952 (and a good investment opportunity).

Schools are good and very safe. Many successful people have gone through the school district but in the overall scale of schools in the counties of Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Bellmawr is sort of middle-of-the-road, or slightly below.

So the mixture of a few zombie houses, houses that never upgraded, and those that have upgraded... make for interesting pockets of investment opportunity in a flip or rental scenario.

But... in just pure $$ growth, I think all of Camden County will lag behind other area counties and definitely PA suburbs.  Combination of Camden County taxes, Camden City, an extra sewage bill... are factors that can push Bellmawr down on the buyer's list.

The heart of the town and community is very strong.  People overall care about the town and the residents, and want to keep it up and moving forward positively.

We only moved out because we wanted a larger home and property to entertain in, which we found, and my only regret was that the house we had was so cheap for us to keep running!

Disclosure: While I lived in Bellmawr and I have family there, I do not own investment property.  I put a few offers in that I lost.

the location is great.  Philadelphia is under 15 miles away.  Atlantic City is 45 miles.   Delaware is a no traffic drive.   I was a consultant at one time doing 6 mos contracts and the location put every opportunity close.

@Mark Matthews Thank you so much for your input! I like that term "transition town." Sound right up my alley. Happy to hear first hand that the town seems relatively safe too. Another thing that I really love about Bellmawr is that if I choose to invest in duplexes there are options in the town, which is great because there's absolutely no duplexes near me. At least not in my price range.

Question though, what do you mean by an "extra sewage bill"?

Duplexes:  there  is a neighborhood near Brooklawn that was built with cape cod duplexes.  Seperate electric and water/sewer bills. Over the years many where converted to single family homes and the town probably will not allow conversion back (legally).   On google maps look for Romano or Lucille Aves.  There are about 6 streets like this.   The area is still good but does have a higher percentage of investment ownership (non resident owners) so some properties could use a little more love 

Sewer bill:  a few decades ago the county was mandated to clean up sewage treatment   Towns were doing it individually and many not doing a good job, so a county wide system was put in that towns connect to and there is a separate bill for that.  it's not huge just something that annoys all Camden county residents.   I dont remember the details but can look it up  

If you need a realtor who specializes in Bellmawr...  A personal friend is a 100% full time realtor, lives in Bellmawr and specializes in Bellmawr   She helped me sell mine at the top price for the neighborhood and she can find you something cheapest... Great advice of what improvements work in the town for investors   She works with several investors that I know  

Let me know  

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