Recommendation for The Best Property Managers in Trenton, NJ

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Hi All!

I am looking to hire a property management firm for a single family house in Trenton, New Jersey. Can you please recommend the best property management companies around this area? If you had first-hand experience with them, that would be great as well.


There is one who is currently managing my property but it is in central NJ, I'm not sure if he does management in the Trenton Area but I can ask.  I have him for over a year now and Zero problems so far

That sounds great. If it would be better for you, you can just give me his email address and I will be the one to contact him.  Thanks!

let me know if you find one too please 

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has anyone gotten some solid info on this?  I know the property managers on broad st in Trenton suck. my cousin owned a place there and he has serious problems with those  property managers.  do your research.

I would be more than happy to help, just shoot me a pm or give me a call.  

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