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Hello BP Forums i ran into a delaying problem earlier today. I was in the process of trying to obtain a list of properties that have received a code volition, they said "You can not request such a broad list of code volition's, you have to be super specific" so is there another way to find a list of propertires that have received a any code volition within the past 6 months. Can anybody help or help me find a new way?

@Ray Agosto I would try requesting a smaller time frame.  Maybe 1-3 months rather than 6.  We have requested them in 6 mo. intervals w/out any problem.  You don't have to be super specific.  Did you go in person or try to do it over the phone/email?  Part of what you're seeing too is kickback from someone who doesn't feel like doing their job but that's another topic...    

Remind me again what county/municipality you were looking for the code violations in?

@Ray Masciangelo I did try over the phone, i would try this process again in person with a shorter time frame & as well less codes to search though. I was also looking in my municipality for closer motivated seller to turn into owner financing.

@Ray Agosto we have had better success in person.  When we explain to them the reason we want the code violations is to try and connect with the owners of these dilapidated properties and buy them to actually clean up the 'ugly' properties in the town they are glad to help.  Plus real estate is a people business and each repeat interaction will strengthen your rapport with the 'gatekeepers' of the golden lists!

That sounds perfect thanks so much @Ray Masciangelo , i wasn't sure if they'll provide such list to real estate investors but seems great i'm going in person on Wednesday due to the fact government places are closed tomorrow for election day.

@Ray Agosto Good Luck!  Don't accept 'No' for an answer.  Figure out how to get to a Yes--build the rapport with the staff at the office.

I doubt they give you a list of that. In those areas those towns have code violations on 80-90% of the rentals in those towns.

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