Bloomfield NJ Watsessing station area investors?

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@Matthew Palumbo I agree and think there's a lot of potential although it may take some time.  With the relatively recent addition of the Grove at 192 and Parkway Lofts... there should hopefully be an increase in demand for walkable areas near the train.  Personal opinion.. a couple restaurants/bars, a general convenience store, and a CVS/Rite-Aid would make a huge difference to foot traffic and a neighborhood feel.  There is Bachman's market (convenience store) at Dodd/Prospect in East Orange, but it feels completely different on that block.  There are plenty of grocery options in the area and a lot of people have cars.. so probably not needed.

We recently purchased a Mixed-Use property on Dodd Street. There is reason to believe the area has potential for growth. We actually have a retail space that we plan to put up for lease across from the Watsessing Train Station. Ideal for a coffee shop or convenience store. If anyone knows of a good potential tenant please let me know! Thanks.

I am looking to move to/near Bloomfield next August. I visited a friend that lives there in May and it seems like a nice area. I am currently saving and trying to study the area online to the best of my ability.  I am hoping to househack as well. This chat has been helpful. Please keep me updated on places to look and avoid.

Hi all,

I see this thread is quite old but I am in search of wholesalers or off market specialists who have properties in Bloomfield, NJ. Do any of you guys have a reference I can reach out too, or have any property that's being wholesaled? 

@Jordan Gregg I am new to BP and have been reading your experience as a new investor in the Bloomfield area. My question is how has your experience been so far? Are you experiencing positive cash flow? I am really intrigued by this area and would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Hi @Jeremy Corporan .  Welcome to BP!  We've learned a ton over the past 3 years since this thread first started.. and more every day.   We have two properties now in Bloomfield, one near Watsessing and the other near the high school.  Both are cash flowing positively.  By no means are we seasoned investors but feel free to message me and I'd be happy to share more about my experience.

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