Investor Friendly Realtor

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Hi all, I am looking for an investor frinedly realtor who does not mind working with newer investors.  I am not trying to waste anyones time, I am activly looking for my first deal. So if anyone has recommendations or is a realtor feel free to PM me.


@Daniel Gonzalez @Joe G. Reach out to @Darren Sager . ~3 years ago I wanted to buy my first property and reached out to Darren. He searched with me for 10+ months (it is a tight market where I was looking). Investors should know the market they want to buy...but Darren will probably know more. More importantly, for me, he helped me through the process of my first reno (share contacts, literally walked through the job with me, etc.). He truly geeks out on this stuff, which is what you want. AND, I almost forgot, after the reno he helped market the unit and get a rent figure higher than I was aiming for. Getting into, and operating, RE investing is not easy, knowing someone who has been in the business for years is invaluable. 

Feel free to PM for any additional insight, and good luck!